Can a non-fiction writer and author become a novelist?

When I was young, my professional goal was to make a living as a writer. I have done that very successfully. I’ve been a fulltime, part time and freelance reporter for newspapers, magazines and newsletters, an editor, blogger, and a columnist. I’ve written speeches and ghosted books for celebrities and business executives. I’ve written books under my own name and pseudonyms. I’ve been on television and radio many times discussing my books and about writing in general. I have written more than 15 books including a 'starter' novel. Here are some of my favorites. Now, I'm working on a thriller. Stand by.

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Larry Kahaner

A former Washington correspondent for BusinessWeek magazine, Larry Kahaner is the author of 15 books, including the best-selling Competitive Intelligence, a Book-of-the-Month selection which has been translated into six languages.