Larry Kahaner

Larry Kahaner

Larry Kahaner (from Wikipedia)

Larry Kahaner is an American journalist, author, ghostwriter and licensed private investigator. He was born in Brooklyn, New York and now lives in McLean, Virginia.

His books include:

He has received the Jesse M. Neal National Business Journalism Award, [1] the American Society of Business Publication Editors Regional Gold Award [2] and an Associated Press Newswriting Award. He holds a Master of Science in journalism from Boston University. A former BusinessWeek Correspondent, his work has appeared in the Washington Post, [3] Los Angeles Times [4] and Information Week.[5]

As a reporter for the Columbus (GA) Ledger-Enquirer in 1980, he wrote the first in-depth exposé of the textile mills in the city and how they caused byssinosis, also known as ‘brown lung disease,’ in workers. Byssinosis is caused by inhaling textile particles. For years, workers were reluctant to complain about the illness for fear of losing their jobs. The mills exerted great economic power including owing an adjoining town, Bibb City, owned by Bibb Manufacturing Company. When the series was released, many of the newspaper’s street boxes were looted of their copies. The series led to the Georgia legislature enacting laws to allow workers with byssinosis to file workers’ compensation claims for the first time. The reportage also garnered several awards including an Associated Press Newswriting Award – Public Service. [6]

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